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Hey there fanfic fan! I’m an aspiring writer who really likes the realm of fanfiction for sharpening skills before I begin my own book series. Primarily I’ve written Harry Potter & Naruto Fanfiction. So just check out this little corner of the web for whenever the bug bites me to write!

The biggest story I’ve got is Naruto : Tenshikage, which is an AU from the Naruto Universe. Basically an entire new adventure / story using the Naruto characters, splitting off from Canon after the Sasuke Retreival arc. This story has gotten massive and I’m quite proud of it so far.

Periodically I also do some artwork related to the Stories I write. I’m going to post that in the Gallery Page.

Stick around, things are going to get interesting.



The sentries on the wall stretched as the sun rose steadily in the east. They’d been on high alert all night, raised to that level by an apparently overzealous commander. They’d been ready for anything and nothing had happened. That and the fact that their shift was over lulled them into being complacent for the first time in eight hours. It was the last mistake they ever made.

There were twenty sentries posted around the wall, four in total facing the western forest. All four died simultaneously. In a green blur four bodies fell to the ground, their heads having been removed from their bodies, fountains of blood erupted and rained down. Shino didn’t bother to look back at his work, instead racing around the top of the wall, his custom curved blades in his hands. Five… six… seven.

Three minutes later he had taken care of the wall guards. He sent a signal out to his insect brethren, who communicated his message to all the members of his clan. The purge had begun. Continue Reading »

Chapter 31

New Directions

Naruto sat perched on top of the white tower, the huge crystal that Guerrera had installed shimmering behind him. He’d come to call this his ‘spot’. If ever someone was looking for him, chances were he was to be found here. He loved this spot for several reasons.

To the left he could see the general training field. He saw the figures of Nagi, Calamity and the newest apprentice Kenichi training under the guidance of N’uihc. It had been a blow to Naruto learning of Nagi’s loss of limb, but the smile and determination of his friend to learn a new technique and somehow replace it took the edge off the pain. Naruto had watched with admiration for weeks now as Nagi was put through the paces by N’uihc in an effort to draw out this power within him.

To the right, Naruto saw the Academy training field. As the population of Tengoku grew, the ranks of those wanting to defend it swelled. There had been a massive influx of peaceful merchants and shopkeepers who had asked to learn to defend their new home. The council of elders had decided to offer training to any citizen who was interested. Naruto could count on his hands the number of citizens who were not partaking. Continue Reading »

Chapter 30



“Medic!” Senjii bellowed as the smoke cleared and they appeared on the seal in front of the White Tower. A Naruto clone was nearby and nodded, using Hiraishin to get Tsunade as soon as possible. Senjii watched him for a second before turning back to the girls’ team unconscious at his feet. They did not seem to be badly hurt. Sakura had one eye swollen shut, a small trickle of blood coming from her nose. She probably had a few ribs broken from her earlier fight.

Calamity was out cold, but seemed otherwise unhurt. As too was Hiroka. Senjii was more concerned for someone else…

A puff of smoke and N’uihc, Nagi and Kenichi appeared on the seal. One look was all Senjii needed to know the situation was bad.

“Move!” Tsunade bellowed, almost running Senjii down. She knelt by Nagi, and her hands began to glow immediately. N’uihc, that most stoic of teachers, wore a look of utmost concern on his face. He grimly pulled Kenichi aside and instructed him to watch everything but say nothing.
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Chapter 29

Scream Aim Fire

The streets of the capital of Blood Country bristled with activity. Merchants and miners of all races and countries teemed around. Blood Country was famous for its precious metals, and the capital was the best place for both sellers and buyers from around the world to come.

Naruto recognized garb from Sunagakure, as well as a few merchants who might have been from Konohagakure. He ducked his head lower, pulling the hood over his bright yellow hair just as an armed patrol walked by menacingly. His friends had agreed that using a Genjutsu disguise was too risky, as there might be guards who could sense the chakra use. Naruto wasn’t the most skilled at such low level chakra use anyway. A large cloak and hood kept him from prying eyes while he slipped into the cafe they’d agreed to meet in. Continue Reading »

Chapter 28

“Drawing ever near, my cause revealed as clear, yes I burn for you here…”

Tatsuo opened his eyes slowly, the pain from the hole in his chest unbearable. His hands crept towards it, but he could barely move. He forced himself to breathe, the fear overtaking him again and tears rolling down his cheeks. That old man. Those strange outsiders. It was them, it had to be. Tatsuo couldn’t fathom what happened in the dark of the night. After those outsiders left, those who did not understand life in Blood Country, one had come back. The old man. The old demon who had moved like a phantom in the night and slaughtered everyone. Tatsuo saw it, he saw everything. His insomnia left him up every night, staring out the window at his quiet little village, praying for it all to end. But when that end had come, and he had seen it coming… He’d seen the old man in the street, his hands like flashes dealing death to everyone he ran up to. Tatsuo could not believe it. It was death, come at last, and he did not want to die. Tatsuo realized he wanted to live.

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Dust to Dust


Gaara’s sand rose up in a perfect defense against the onslaught from Sasori. He tried to grab the scorpion shaped man in his sand, but the Akatsuki member was faster than Gaara would have thought he could move. They’d been fighting for several minutes thus far and neither had landed a single attack.

Sasori however, didn’t seem bothered by this, but instead rather amused.

“I see Sunagakure has chosen its next Kazekage well. Your mastery over sand is commendable.” His scorpion tale lashed out and gouged a slice into the globe of hardened sand mostly encircling Gaara. Spikes of sand burst out of the ground, seeking to impale Sasori, but no avail. The puppet master was a blur avoiding the spikes.

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Blood and Sand


Naruto, Nagi and Senjji stared at the old woman incredulously. Mabry and Jiraiya, the only council elders in the room, just nodded as if she had confirmed something for them. The light thrown by the candles illuminating the room seemed to dance, adding to the surrealism of the moment.

“A prince?” Nagi repeated quietly. “That’s impossible.”

Senjii eyed the two large men flanking the old woman. They hadn’t so much as uttered a single word, nor budged an inch when she spoke. If he didn’t know better he’d swear they were statues. His hands flexed, ready to grip his swords in an instant. There was an air of extreme competence about them. They were clearly her bodyguards.

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